How to ensure quality, the seriousness and professionalism of a real estate agent?

Customers who have trusted me for many years now testify to their experience buying or selling with APPARIGLIATO Real Estate.
Like them, positively concretize your real estate purchase or sale project by trusting APPARIGLIATO Real Estate.

5 étoiles Apparigliato ImmobilierSale House T7 Brax year 2016. M and Mrs Delannoy

Pro and available until the end! We were completely satisfied with the sale of our house by Mr. Aparigliato. More than a real estate agent, it is patient, human, efficient and very available. If we were to sell a property again, we would call on him without hesitation. To recommend !

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale House T4 Le Castéra year 2016. Mrs Guilbaud

Great agency. I recommend ! Extremely satisfied with the sale made by Mr Apparigliato. Seriousness, availability were keywords throughout the transaction.
I will work with this agency again without hesitation.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale T3 Toulouse Sept Deniers year 2016. M and Mrs Rung

Mr. Apparigliato was the actor of the sale of our T3 on the 7 deniers in Toulouse. It is the most professional realtor we have ever met. Advice and follow-up are its assets. Always present on subjects, listening, knowing his domain and the goods he holds “in the wallet” at the fingertips. From mandate to signature at the notary, he has always been an excellent relay. We highly recommend it.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Purchase House T5 Blagnac year 2015. M and Mrs Cinglant

M. Apparigliato is a real professionnal who has not only money in his mind. Your needs are his priority. He has always been there for us until the end of the bying  process. I will recommand him without any hesitation.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale House T4 Beauzelle year 2015. M and Mrs Grente

Professional and available, Mr. Apparigliato sold our house in less than a month and the fixed price. Lots of professionalism and kindness.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale House T4 Blagnac year 2015. M and Mrs. Railean

Agent diplomat, efficient, professional – the best on Blagnac is Mr. Apparigliato. I recommend that everyone use these services to realize the great difference with the competition.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale House T4 Mondonville year 2015. Mrs Gareil

A professional human and honest. I entrusted the sale of my home of Mondonville to this real estate agent on special recommendation … .. and I was not disappointed with the service and the services, not counting the detailed accounts after each visit. I signed a mandate of EXCLUSIVITY on 1 October 2014 and serious acquirers presented themselves at the beginning of February 2015. Mr APPARIGLIATO also supported and advised the purchasers on several points until the final signature of the ” Act of sale at the notary on 9 June 2015. He knew how to support me in moments of discouragement and had proposed several alternatives on the sale of the property. His human qualities, his availability and his frankness accompany you throughout his term. +: Very good contact, remarkable human quality, professional honest and available, good relationship.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale House T8 Toulouse year 2015, Mrs Bellonet

If you have to sell a property, contact the agency “Apparigliato Real Estate”, you will be very satisfied. Indeed, I can only tell you praise. Mr Apparigliato knows his job very well. If I could sell my house it is thanks to its serious work, to the good follow- up of the case. A lot of tenacity, always with your listening and effective to overcome sometimes the obstacles that can occur, and thanks to its judicious advice, the case arrives at the end to the satisfaction of the 2 persons (seller and buyer). Thank you Mr. Apparigliato.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Purchase House T4 Mondonville year 2015. Mrs Pelletier

Quality of service and impeccable availability. We bought our property through Mr. Apparigliato. As a first purchase we had a lot of questions about the progress of the acquisition process. Mr. Apparigliato has advised us with great availability and professionalism from the negotiation of the property to the signature of the notary accompanying us at all stages.

+: Professionalism, availability, knowledge of the market, honesty, very good interpersonal skills.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale house T5 Blagnac year 2014 & Purchase apartment T2 Toulouse Chalets year 2015. M and Mrs Caunes

With my husband, we met Mr. APPARIGLIATO thanks to an acquaintance. We entrusted him with the sale of a property, and we quickly realized the quality of his services and his professionalism. There is no question here of a sale at any price, but of seeking a balance between the interests of the seller and the purchaser. The transaction went at best to the point that we even decided to entrust him with another mission. We can only recommend it, as its seriousness and the quality of its professionalism first seduced us, then given full satisfaction.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale T2 Toulouse Chalets Year 2015. Mrs Micolau

Very professional real estate agent, available until the definitive signature. Listening, very nice contacts.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale house T4 Blagnac year 2015. Mrs Roujas

We met Mr Apparigliato while we were looking for a house. His advice was professional, files well controlled close to our request. His qualities of intermediary seller / buyer are undeniable and it knows to take the measure of the requirements of each one. Afterwards we were led to sell a house that we immediately decided to entrust to him: he really appreciated it since it left in 4 months at the price we wished in good conditions. Everything was handled at expert level, paperwork and visits without any problem. All with excellent availability and smile: we recommend it with great pleasure !

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Sale T2 Blagnac year 2015. M Fratelli

I entrusted the sale of my apartment T1 to Mr Apparigliato who found me buyer in the 2 months that followed. Thanks to his advice to refresh my property (painting and some finishes), this totally changed the visual seal made and allowed to find a buyer in the vicinity of the price wanted. I recommend Mr Apparigliato as a real estate agent for his estimate of the fair price, his seriousness and professionalism, if you leave him a message he will contact you as soon as possible and keep you informed of the evolution of the sale. In short, he takes care of your good.

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Purchase T4 Toulouse Sept Deniers year 2015. M Lavail.

Purchase an apartment in Sept Deniers. M.APPARIGLIATO controls and knows the goods he proposes for sale, strengths and weaknesses. Very satisfied with his professionalism; Accompanied us throughout our acquisition, from the discovery of our apartment to the signature of the act with a study that he recommended. He was very available and advised, and he reconciled us with the profession. We highly recommend its services!

5 étoiles Apparigliato Immobilier

Purchase T3 Toulouse Guilhemery year 2015. Mrs Castanet

Your help and professionalism M APPARIGLIATO for this first real estate purchase have been invaluable to me since I knew nothing about it! To sum up: Excellent services, advice and support at all stages of the sale.